Student Centered is a Classroom Assistant to make things like picking students at random and using seating charts easier


Student Centered Classroom Assistant (Android/iPad) was designed for picking and grouping students at random, and can also allow tracking homework and attendance with a seating chart.


*Why storage is local (or why it's all stored on your tablet and not remotely)


This app was intended for tablet use, but (on Android) can be made to work on phones as well, in some limited class size environments.


See the menu at top of page for Documentation with (Current Android) Screen Shots.


iPad App: 11/19/17-App update (v1.35) on way to App Store (in testing): Some clean-up was done on the code, some font sizes were changed, and it will bounce you out of some screens if you go into them without having created a class first (like it should have to begin with).


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Student Centered
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Student Centered
Student Centered Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play