Current Project - Now Available on Android - iPad version under development

More impovements are still in the works on both versions

Student Centered Classroom Assistant is an app for teachers which uses a seating chart to track homework (tap to mark in/out), attendance (tap to mark in/late/out),  picks students at random, and also randomly groups students.

This app was intended for tablet use, but can be made to work on phones as well, in some limited class size environments.

At this writing, only Android devices are supported, however an iPad version "may" be on the way: I've been tinkering with writing an iPad version and I'm about 80-85% done with that.  It will require iOS 11 though, due to use of drag and drop features.

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It can be used to track homework- You just tap to toggle on the seating chart:


It can be used to track attendance - Again, just tap to toggle -

There is now a report to see multiple days Attendance or Homework at once, in this example you can see multiple days of homework for example:

It can pick students at Random (This does not pick absent students):

(*Update 9/2/2017: It tries harder now not to pick students more often than other students on any one day)


Lastly, for now, it can group students - factoring in attendance (or not):


The quick set-up for Student Centered goes something like this:


1. This is the Main Menu, First go to Assign Classes and then select to "Add New Class"... You'll note at the top of Main menu (first screen when openning the app) is where you pick the class you are working with (in this sample screen, we're showing "Period 1" which has three students), if you have no classes, the list will be empty and none of the main functions will be available fully yet.



2. On the "Add Class" screen, there is only one required piece of information (field), a short descriptive name for the class, you'll note that "Notes" can be multiple lines (you can press enter):


3. Next Add Students (From Assign Menu, Add Students) - The only required field is Display Name - The other fields only help if you want to use the sort alphabetically feature:


4. Next Go to the Seating Chart Menu, click Assign Alphabetically Automatically, this is required to set the initial assignments. (Later, if you add students after seating chart created, a third option will appear on this menu to place them):


5. Tap to Move via Seating Chart and just drag and drop to swap seats


Back at Main Menu, you can now choose from four main functions, Track Homework, Track Attendance, Pick a Student at Random, and Group Students at Random.

Android, Google Play, and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.


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